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Wedding jewelry for life – wedding rings Kyiv, when choosing these delightful jewelry, be guided by one rule: “There must be heartfelt love and wedding rings for life.” We sincerely congratulate you! You are at a happy, important and at the same time exciting stage – preparation for the wedding. And this means that the beloved person next to you is your destiny! And in it everything is unusual and even cute habits.

Your love story began to take shape when you first met each other. The same principle is important to apply to the selection of custom-made wedding rings, once you feel some magic, be sure that these are the “same” wedding rings. No matter how much you search, choose, in the future, all other wedding rings will no longer be the same. After the years spent together, your feelings do not just remain strong every day, they only become stronger, and the rings will be your family talisman. For this and only for this reason, it is worth choosing them individually, sensitively and almost in a whisper, tasting the full significance of the moment.

Can “shop” wedding rings Kyiv delight, compete with individually made ones? Great question? Bright shop windows offer the client monotonous jewelry, devoid of individuality. You must ask yourself the question whether such a product can claim the role of a talisman of family values, inspire the creation of your fairy tale? Gold wedding rings must be unique, then and only then will they become a family heirloom. Best gold service presents to your attention unique, exclusive custom-made wedding rings Kyiv, Ukraine.

Best Gold Service is, first of all, a team of professional jewelers – technologists, designers who create exclusive masterpieces for you. Let me tell you more about the activities of our company, and what you need to know to order wedding rings:


  1. Contact with a jeweler. We discuss your order for individual production with you in detail. All your questions will be answered not by a consultant from the store, who only remotely understands what jewelry production is, but directly by a jeweler professional in his field. Each of our craftsmen has been working in the jewelry industry for 10 years and we are proud of our specialists and the work done! Finished jewelry will be 100% consistent with the sketch or photo you provide. For convenience, at the first stage of work on your order, our designer creates a 3D layout. Production is launched only after approval! Individually made wedding rings to order from the catalog of the site or according to the exclusive project of the client, the designer and jeweler-technologist are working on. You get a high-quality, reliable and unique product.
  2. The ability to influence the price of wedding rings. Each of our clients independently form the budget of their wedding rings. Personally choose:
    • color, sample of gold;
    • the presence of precious (if desired, semi-precious) stones;
    • number of pieces of stones, characteristics.
  3. Additionally, Best gold service offers interesting promotions and discounts. There is also an excellent opportunity to save money, namely the trade-in service.


– partially or completely. This way of cooperation significantly reduces the cost of wedding rings. The following will serve as the material for manufacturing: – products that you have not liked for a long time or have lost their relevance and lie like a dead weight in the memory of past glory. Jewelry that cannot be scaled up or down. Broken gold jewelry beyond repair.

Exclusive decoration. Wedding rings Kyiv to order are unique gold products that not only show your status and position, they will help you show your exceptional taste. Exclusive jewelry is always valued and even after a year has not lost its relevance.




We guarantee that the order will be completed on time and even earlier! Making wedding rings Kyiv is a laborious process and takes time, as well as skills and a professional approach. Our masters make every effort to ensure that you receive your order by the agreed date and even earlier.



Our production is equipped with modern equipment, and our craftsmen do not stop at the achieved level of knowledge and regularly attend training events, which allows us to make the most complex custom-made wedding rings of high quality in a shorter time. We are confident in the quality of the gold jewelry made by our craftsmen and provide our customers with a lifetime warranty on products.



Best gold service has been operating and providing services in the jewelry market since 2010. Every year we carry out more than 1300 orders for gold jewelry and custom-made wedding rings of various levels of complexity. We actively cooperate with other companies, update the production base, train personnel at trainings and seminars, which allows us to be leaders in our niche.

Доставляем обручальные кольца Киев, Одесса, Харьков, Днепр, Львов, все города Украины.


We carry out delivery to all cities of Ukraine: Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv wedding rings Kyiv. Production of jewelry and wedding rings in Kyiv.

НАШИ ЗАКАЗЧИКИ ВСЕГДА ДОВОЛЬНЫ Наши клиенты – довольные клиенты! И по этой причине у нас много положительно-позитивны-восторженных отзывов.


Our clients are satisfied clients! Evidence of this is the large number of positive reviews on our website, as well as on independent review sites. This is easy to check, you need to enter a query in the search engine Best gold service reviews or reviews wedding rings to order in Kyiv Best gold service.


Making wedding rings to order takes more time than the standard procedure of buying in a store. The production time depends on some factors, the complexity and the number of inserts: the production time takes from 5 to 20 days.


When you choose Kyiv wedding rings, it is important to pay attention to the fineness of gold, the presence of stone jewelry and design elements. It is important that the ring is not just beautiful and, for example, is complemented by inserts, it is important that the ring is technologically correct – all our rings are like that. You should not choose jewelry that can cling to clothes and, moreover, bring moments of discomfort in the future. Approach the choice of wedding rings to order with responsibility, and if you have any doubts, it is better to once again consult with our specialist or ask an additional question.

It is worth paying attention to the size of wedding rings, few people know, but the size of the finger is greatly influenced by the time of year. You should not try on rings in winter right away, it is important to warm up and make you feel comfortable. In summer, the situation is exactly the same as the fingers swell.

It is important to match your activity and engagement ring design. Also, the ring should be suitable for everyday wear in style.

The hallmark indicators are a standard hallmark of 585, an overestimated gold standard is considered to be 750. The Best gold service catalog of custom-made wedding rings Kyiv offers a large number of types of classic and decorated with enamel, diamonds, patterns, engravings.

обручки київ на замовлення

The best way to choose an exclusive wedding accessory is custom-made wedding rings, the main task of which is to connect the hearts of two lovers at the time of the wedding or wedding ceremony.

Each person is unique and not always the standard sizes of shop rings fit. If you have just such a situation, the best solution would be to order Kyiv wedding rings. Non-standard purchases of such a plan also attract extraordinary personalities who, in principle, do not want to opt for traditional gold items.

The key argument in favor of buying wedding rings is the price and buying wedding rings to order at a price from the manufacturer is the opportunity to get a beautiful unique gold jewelry at the most current price. You do not overpay, you pay only for the material and the work of the master. And also you can pay only the cost of the work if the material is yours.

When choosing engagement rings with diamonds, remember that they have a certain symbolism. When the groom gives his future wife a diamond ring, it symbolizes purity, sincerity of love, the strength of future family values.

An unchanging symbol of your love, which is not subject to time and will not lose its qualities, exclusive gold wedding rings to order. Noble material always and at all times does not lose leadership positions, but only gains popularity. Even a simple gold wedding jewelry can reflect the full power of sincere love, which will be as durable as the radiance of gold and diamonds. Wedding rings Kyiv made according to your sketch will become the embodiment of your dream and a continuation of family traditions and values.

You are on the website of the manufacturer of wedding rings Kyiv Best gold service, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the catalog: prices and photos of finished products made by our specialists.

The catalog contains a wide range of classic and exclusive wedding rings that are waiting for your attention! Our production is located in Kyiv, and delivery is carried out in the cities of Ukraine.


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We ordered wedding rings article 1-Kz we are satisfied with the result. I can safely recommend.


Recommend! We ourselves are from Odessa. When ordering wedding rings in Kyiv, my husband and I were very worried. But, everything went smoothly. Rings received. We were very satisfied.


The rings are beautiful, everything came up like family! Regular orders, creative ideas and inspiration!


First of all, I want to thank Anna for the quick response, miscalculations and advice!
I confess that my husband and I were very worried about buying custom-made rings. We didn’t know if they would fit in size, whether the picture would match reality. Really worried! The rings turned out amazing! Better than we expected! Thank you very much for your work! Success and prosperity! Recommend!


Thank you so much for our wedding rings! I can recommend!


And so, my wife and I were looking for paired wedding rings and that the design was not simple. They helped us with the choice, thanks for the support. The rings have arrived.
Quality +
Deadlines +
Price +


All rings are very beautiful. Long determined. But we have chosen the most ideal and original wedding rings. Thanks to managers and jewelers!

Yana and Artem

Thank you for our gorgeous wedding rings. Recommended.




Our rings have arrived. Ordered from Kyiv, were in Kharkov. My future husband and I are very happy. We can’t get enough of the rings. I like everything and the rings sat very well on the finger. I also recommend.


I am writing a review after a year, as promised. And so the rings are worn well. I like the design as well.


A good catalog, the assortment attracted my attention. I ordered a wedding ring – the quality is very good.

You are what we were looking for! Bravo!


Good evening everyone! We ordered very unusual wedding rings of our own design. The price of wedding rings turned out to be very inexpensive. Very pleased with the quality of the rings.


You can buy wedding rings in Kyiv, the choice is huge. There is little standing. Thank you for being! Everything’s OK. Good luck.

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