Wedding rings white gold “Jupiter”

Item: 3-Бз
For item available:
  • Stone: diamond, sapphire, zircon, Swarovski crystal
  • Additional services: Engraving (inscriptions on the rings), making rings from the customer's gold, changes in design according to the customer's sketches, rhodium plating.
  • Gold content: 585˚, 750˚
  • Gold color: white, yellow, red
  • The size: от 10 до 26
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обручальные кольца белое золото с бриллиантами

Обручальные кольца белое золото с бриллиантами

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Also, we can customize any quality characteristics of jewelry for you, develop an individual design for you.

To calculate the cost, call, leave a request in the feedback form, also write to us Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram

The cost of individual production of rings is not high, and we will calculate it in a few minutes. Call  (063)274-75-55 and we will realize your wishes, write to us on all messengers.

The production of any jewelry is a complex and time-consuming process, so the technological characteristics are unique for each piece of jewelry.


Wedding rings «Jupiter»

Обручальные кольца с бриллиантами

Wedding rings white gold with diamonds are unique jewelry for life, a symbol of the unity of souls, fidelity, love. The future husband and wife must choose from them with great care, paying attention to all the details. There are a lot of adherents of the classical style among Ukrainian couples, and there are those who are important for whom it is important to stand out and get an exclusive product.

By choosing white gold engagement rings with diamonds, you get a truly unique and eye-catching piece of jewelry. The choice of an engagement ring should not stop only at existing models from stores. You can get an exquisite product for couples with an exclusive taste.

Perfect white gold 

White gold is a unique alloy that attracts attention. White gold engagement rings with Jupiter diamonds are a magnificent and unique attribute of your wedding.

Inserts always add more elegance to the decoration, such products look more stylish and attractive. It is for this reason that the strong half is increasingly ordering white gold engagement rings with diamonds. And the masters and designers of the jewelry workshop offer a new collection of exclusive jewelry.

A wedding is one of the most wonderful and unforgettable events in life. It is important for every young couple that the wedding ceremony is perfect. To do this, it is important to approach planning with all responsibility. Also choose white gold engagement rings with diamonds.

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