Mom’s bracelets

Mom’s bracelet is a unique, unforgettable gift

Everyone in life will or have had events that change absolutely everything, while overflowing with immense happiness. The birth of a child is such an event!

It is very important to make a special present for a woman who has recently become a mother. A young woman will never be able to forget the period of pregnancy and the moment the baby is born. Women are so sentimental when it comes to her husband and children. Every moment she will remember and cherish little things reminiscent of that period. Every little thing will be valuable, and even a bracelet of a mother and a baby from the maternity hospital, which indicates the height and weight of her newborn baby, the first curl cut off, the first tooth, the last nipple. Even a test that showed “two stripes” will become a reminder and a symbol of a moment of all-consuming happiness. On one of the most long-awaited days, all young fathers, newly-made grandmothers, grandfathers, relatives, dear people want to make a special gift. The mission of such a gift will be unusual and very special, it will become a mother’s talisman and a synonym for happiness. It is usually customary to give something material, for example, jewelry will never be superfluous for a woman. A product from stores will not be able to cope with an unusual mission. For this reason, the jewelry company Best Gold Service has launched a fundamentally new collection: gold bracelets for moms.

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The Mama bracelet is an exceptional bracelet made of gold with decorations in the form of little girls and boys. A husband will be able to present such a symbolic gift to his wife for the birth of a child. Whenever your loved one turns their eyes to this golden bracelet with figurines that symbolize wonderful children. Her soul will light up with happiness and a gentle smile will appear on her face.

Who gives a bracelet for mom?

For christening, such a gift can be ordered by the red parents of the baby. Newly made grandmothers and grandfathers can make a gift for discharge from the hospital. The most important year of a baby’s life, at the same time happy, very troublesome, is the first year.

This year, the seed, together with the baby, will make a million discoveries, they will rejoice when the first tooth appears, cry from the first words “daddy” and “mother”. If the spouse and father wants to make a real unforgettable gift? Make a gift for mom on your baby’s birthday! Believe me, it will be very impressive, pleasant, unexpected. Mom’s bracelet is never too late, and never too early to give. With this gift you emphasize your love.

In other matters, any relative or close family friend who is sincerely happy with happiness can give a luxurious mother’s bracelet.

The exclusivity of the gold bracelet mom is primarily that it is a bright symbol of love, care, happiness and the most important stage in the life of every family, and only then a stylish, bright piece of jewelry.

This is really the best gift for mom for the birth of a child!

Mom’s bracelet to order

Jewelry company Best Gold Service does not offer you to buy a mom bracelet. Gifts so dear to the heart are made only on an individual order. You are purchasing an exclusive piece of jewelry that has no analogues.

What elements does the mom bracelet consist of?

Gold chain;
And on the bracelet there are also pendants: one, two, three or more dolls in the form of children – babies. As a rule, the size of the figure does not exceed 3 cm, but depending on the preferences and wishes, we can make any size of the figures. Optionally, the bracelet can be completed with gold micro-hearts, the inscription “Mom”, initials.

The design of the pendants is very diverse: children in solemn crowns and without them, with different hairstyles in combination with accessories. Clothes made of precious (semi-precious) stones: a dress and a skirt for a baby girl and shorts, a jumpsuit for a baby boy. Also available for order are the design of figurines without stones (inserts), classic smooth: matte, glossy to choose from.

All design elements of the bracelet are filled only with your ideas! Each “Bracelet Mom” is fully individual.

And in order to make the unique mother’s bracelet even more unique, we suggest engraving on the back of the figurines. The inscription can be anything. But, words of love and gratitude will not be special. And the name and date of birth of the baby, the metric of the newborn child: weight, height, time of birth.

How to order mom bracelet:

  1. At the first stage, you need to decide on the design and number of elements of your mother’s bracelet (any number of pendants). The word “mom”, baby figurines, hearts, stones in the frame, names, initials, etc. Options can be easily selected in the catalog.
  2. Gold color.
  3. Presence of stones, quantity, color of stones.

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We will calculate the selected options and place an order for production.

Bracelet “Mom” is an amazing, original, unforgettable gift!

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We ordered such a bracelet for discharge from the hospital. I really liked the quality of the product. Done very quickly at a reasonable price.

A bracelet for mom is a great gift. I gave it to my sister right after the baby was born. She was very happy!

Thank you. Wife liked everything.
I will recommend you. Good customers and successful transactions)

I bought a very beautiful bracelet for my mother with a figure of a girl – a princess. Bracelet engraved on the figurine with the baby’s data and full metrics at birth.
Very satisfied with the order!

Bracelet for mom with diamonds. Two figurines of a boy and a girl completely covered with diamonds in white gold. Very beautiful and high quality. Recommend.

Best gold service ordered a bracelet for his wife as a gift, an extract from the hospital. Bracelet in white gold with a figurine of a boy prince in sapphires. All at the highest level!

I ordered a bracelet for the girls’ mom – a chic bracelet with two princesses. I love my bracelet with individual engraving on the figurines. Thank you for your attentiveness and individual approach to the wishes of the client! :) Good luck! Prosperity!

Stylish bracelet with two little girls. I have engraved names and the very first numbers at birth on my pendants: date, time of birth, weight and height.
Each mother can choose what her decoration will be!

I am the mother of boys. I ordered a bracelet with figurines of princes. The bracelet turned out to be stylish and bright, and everyone notices it. I recommend you! And with pleasure I wear a bracelet, my boys are always with me.

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