Wedding rings with diamonds

A diamond engagement ring she will appreciate

Sooner or later, any man comes to the realization that he has met the One with whom he will want to wake up every morning, raise children and admire the sunset in his old age. When this happens, it means it’s time to buy an engagement ring, because She deserves better. For your attention – wedding rings with diamonds!

Обручки з чорними діамантамиThe history of wedding rings

Men have been giving their brides diamond engagement rings since the 14th century. According to legend, the Austrian duke was the first to do this, offering his hand and heart to the beautiful Mary of Burgundy. The marriage was politically advantageous for both families, so the lovers’ parents did not oppose their union, but for certain reasons the wedding had to wait.

Duke Maximilian was afraid of losing Maria, because the cherished day was still far away, and the hearts of beauties, as the song sings, are fickle. To confirm the seriousness of his intentions, he presented the bride with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. He chose this stone for a reason, in ancient times it was believed that it was the diamond that could magically strengthen feelings. And the ring itself was special, the duke bought it to order from the best jeweler – it was a design work with an original cut. The scattered stones were lined up in the letter “M”, which meant Mary.

The tradition was picked up among the aristocracy, so it spread throughout Europe, and then grooms began to buy engagement rings with diamonds for their loved ones in other countries. At first, the wedding jewelry was a symbol of eternal love – a circle, like an endless stream of passionate feelings.

In our society, the tradition has taken root mainly thanks to Hollywood and skillful marketing. Well, is there at least one girl in the world who does not dream of an exclusive gold ring with a diamond? A wedding ring is a mandatory attribute that accompanies the “hand and heart” of the groom, so a man first of all goes to a jewelry store to buy a wedding ring for his lady, and only then gets down on one knee.

How to choose a ring and not go crazy?

The modern assortment allows you to order any design for a woman’s wedding ring, and you can immediately buy a man’s wedding ring to go with it, or you can even make a pair of wedding rings to order. Individual design, such as engraving, will make such rings unique, very personal and valuable. There are several classic design options that are most often found in jewelry catalogs.

If the beautiful half of humanity understands jewelry from childhood, then among men it is difficult to find someone who at least has a little understanding of this issue. The design of wedding rings and their variety will easily turn the head of even the calmest groom. How to choose women’s engagement rings with diamonds without stress and doubts?

Budget. Unlike Europe and the States, in the CIS countries it is not customary to measure the size of the wallet by the price of the engagement ring, but it is still worth deciding on the amount. This will help to “narrow the search”, immediately discarding too expensive options. The modern jewelry market allows you to buy women’s, men’s or couples’ engagement rings with diamonds at affordable prices.
Style. Classic, romance or design work? It is not difficult to understand what jewelry a girl prefers, you just need to look closely at the ones she wears. You need to pay attention to the cut, type of stones, their quantity and size, type of metal. Not all women want a gold ring, some prefer silver or white gold.
Stone. It is the stone that distinguishes women’s engagement rings from other jewelry, there is no going away from tradition, so it is better to order a ring with a diamond so as not to make a mistake! It doesn’t have to be a half-finger stone. If the budget is modest, you can buy a stylish and at the same time exclusive ring with a small diamond.
Size. The most difficult moment. It’s not good to ask directly, it will ruin the whole surprise. It is best to ask the bride’s mother, sister or friend for help. If you want to be completely secretive, you can just inconspicuously borrow the ring that the girl wears on her ring finger (this is important!) for a while, show it to a jeweler or measure the circle yourself. The ring is placed on a sheet of paper and circled along the inner diameter, the resulting circle is measured with a ruler – this will be the size of the woman’s finger. If the girl does not wear jewelry or does not remove it, you can cheat. At night, while she sleeps, wrap a thread or a strip of paper around her finger. The main thing is not to get caught in the heat of the moment and not to spoil the romantic surprise!

It is not necessary to spend the whole day looking for the right ring. You can quickly and cheaply buy a gift for your loved one in the online store. Most sites provide convenient and large catalogs, and deliver orders not only to Kyiv, but also throughout Ukraine. In the 21st century, there is no need to go to stores, it is enough to go to the website of the Best Gold Service jewelry workshop on the Internet

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