Yellow gold wedding rings

Item: 8-Жз
For item available:
  • Stone: diamond, sapphire, ruby, zircon, Swarovski crystal
  • Additional services: Engraving, making rings from the customer's gold, changes in design according to the customer's sketches.
  • Gold content: 585˚, 750˚
  • Gold color: white, yellow, red
  • The size: от 10 до 25
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Metal: gold 14К / 18К
Metal Color: Yellow
Weight: 15.00 g (Approximate weight of a pair)
Profile width: 6.50 mm
Profile thickness: 1.6 mm
Surface: glossy / matte (optional)
Fit: comfort

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Wedding rings yellow gold “Italy”

Wedding preparations are both a beautiful and exciting event. Modern couples choose engagement rings together. They form an image of future rings in advance and understand what their engagement rings will be like. Namely, double engagement rings in yellow gold with or without diamonds. Or maybe the rings will be different in style.

Yellow wedding ringsYellow wedding rings like the sun

The bright yellow color of the precious metal is natural. Jewelers learned to change the color of the metal in the product. Namely, in combination with copper, gold acquires a red or pink hue. Pure gold in combination with silver and nickel acquires a light, almost white color. But surprisingly, yellow gold wedding rings remain the key color for wedding jewelry for many of us.

Yellow gold is the key color for wedding rings. Many brands present their products in yellow, rose and red gold. This color is popular. In addition, yellow gold wedding rings look bright, combining warmth and coziness, symbolizing a strong family.

Carat of gold

Best Gold Service manufactures yellow gold engagement rings in 14 ct and 18 ct. These two types are the most popular for making jewelry. The composition of the metal on which 585 is written means: 58.5% pure gold of 999.9 proof and 41.5% impurities that strengthen the metal and give the metal the desired shade. 750 test reports that the content of pure gold in the product is higher and is 75%, and the other percentages are alloying elements. Products are not made from pure gold 999.9, because this metal is very soft and is not suitable for jewelry – it has too soft a consistency.

Recommendations for the care of wedding rings

The main recommendation for men will be: remove the wedding ring before visiting the gym, during household repairs. Women, by their nature, wear jewelry more carefully, but often do not take into account the fact that the jewelry can be adversely affected by contact with household chemicals. Also, during the cooking process, food products can get stuck in the thin parts of the rings. Especially if the ring is designer and has different levels or patterns.

Best Gold Service jewelers do not recommend cleaning or polishing the product yourself. The most common and, unfortunately, inevitable loss can be the actions of the owner in the process of trying to bring the jewelry to its “original state”. Often, after “home cleaning”, the product has to be not only polished, but also stones must be inserted and straightened.

The cost of the service for cleaning and polishing products is not high. And it is necessary once a year or once every few years.

A yellow gold engagement ring with a diamond is made both in a classic design and in an original one. It all depends on your taste and preferences. We make each engagement ring individually to order for you!

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