Making wedding rings

Item: 4-Кз
For item available:
  • Stone: diamond, sapphire, zircon, Swarovski crystal
  • Additional services: Гравірування (написи на каблучках), виготовлення каблучок із золота замовника, зміни дизайну за ескізами замовника.
  • Gold content: 585, 750
  • Gold color: white, yellow, red
  • The size: от 10 до 25
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 production of wedding rings Kyiv

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Production of wedding rings “Venice”

To say that wedding rings are rings for life is to say nothing, or to miss the whole essence of this concept. The appearance of the rite of exchange of rings at the time of betrothal dates back to antiquity. Initially, these were simple rings made of iron and even wood. But wood is not durable, and iron changes color over time. In the modern world, a couple has much more choice, you can buy rings made of precious metals: gold, silver or platinum in a store, or you can order individual production of wedding rings (Kyiv). If a couple orders rings, this is an opportunity to receive a unique piece of jewelry.

As usual, there is an order for the individual production of wedding rings Kyiv in our company:

изготовление обручальных колец киев

As a rule, Best Gold Service specialists discuss with you all the details of the design of the rings. You choose the design in our catalog or provide your own photo or sketch. If there is a need to make changes to the design or edit the design, this is possible. Each production of wedding rings Kyiv (Ukraine) Best Gold Service is not such a quick process as a regular purchase in a regular store. The manufacturing process takes from 5 days, but at the end you get an absolutely unique piece of jewelry designed individually for you. At the first stage, the designer creates a layout of the ring, and only after the approval of the layout, the rings are sent to production.

At Best Gold Service you don’t get simple rings, you get a symbol of your love. As our ancestors believed, wedding rings connect a couple with an invisible, but very strong thread. For this reason, the rings should be only yours, and ideally, no one should even measure the rings before you. At the moment when the ring is on the finger, there is an exchange of energy between the owner and the product. And another plus in favor of making custom-made wedding rings is that no one will put the rings on your finger except you.

Production of wedding rings from gold, with or without stones, with engraving, fingerprints or jewelry enamels. But remember, a very important factor is your certainty in design. Therefore, before ordering the production of wedding rings, choose, decide what you want, and our masters will bring them to life in the best possible way! If you want to make a custom-made wedding ring in one color, be sure to admire the charming rings in white gold “White Gold Wedding Rings” and familiarize yourself with the article 4-bz and choose the model that you like best. Amazingly beautiful wedding jewelry in combined gold or in white gold.

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