Inexpensive wedding rings «Greece»

Item: 60-Бз
For item available:
  • Stone: diamond, sapphire, topaz, ruby, zircon, Swarovski crystal
  • Additional services: Engraving (inscriptions on the rings), making rings from the customer's gold, changes in design according to the customer's sketches, rhodium plating.
  • Gold content: 585˚, 750˚
  • Gold color: white, yellow, red
  • The size: от 10 до 25
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Inexpensive wedding rings “Greece”

In ancient grace, great importance was always attached to signs, which the Greeks believed (to ordinary people) sent the highest powers. It is interesting that the most popular pattern, which after hundreds of years is associated with Greece, is called – Meander. The simple pattern, consisting of right angles, takes its name from a winding river in Asia.

Such an ornament symbolizes the infinity of existence, and the ring is also a symbol of infinity, since the circle has no beginning and no end. Unusual yet affordable Greece white gold diamond engagement rings for couples who love each other and believe in symbols. Today, even inexpensive diamond engagement rings are the main symbol of eternal love and family happiness.

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