Is ordering diamond engagement rings better than buying ready-made ones?

кольца с бриллиантами

Ordering engagement rings with diamonds is better than buying ready-made…

The phrases “custom diamond rings” or “custom diamond engagement rings” can sound a little scary. Whether it’s a custom-made dress or you order a piece of jewelry or other work of art individually for you. Creating something just for you creates a fear of expenses you can’t afford.

So what about the diamond ring?

Are custom made diamond rings as expensive as they seem? The short answer is no!
Custom diamond engagement rings are not only cheaper than you might expect, but they’re also not as intimidating as they may seem. You don’t need to be a design genius to create a truly exquisite engagement ring. Leave this task to the experts. Your main task is to know what you want to see on your hand and voice the budget. As much as possible, our specialists will offer you several sketches for consideration at once, and will select the product parameters for you.

Custom orders can actually be cheaper than standard orders.

To be clear, it depends a lot on where you order your engagement ring, so it’s important to choose jewelers with a transparent custom process where there are no hidden costs or middlemen who can jack up prices. So why are independent jewelers like Best Gold Service able to create custom diamond engagement rings that are cheaper than off-the-shelf rings from big name brands? In branded boutiques, you pay for the materials from which the decoration is made, as well as the name and expenses of the boutique. In fact, because every stage of the individual creation of a custom diamond ring takes place in-house, thanks to the professionalism of gemologists, designers and jewelers, you get a high-quality product made individually for you at a minimal cost with no hidden costs.

кольцо с бриллиантами

So, how much should you spend on a diamond engagement ring?
Marketing myths.

It’s amazing how artificially created the marketing ploys of the world’s largest diamond dealers are, through movies and advertisements, to tell you how much your engagement ring should cost. What amount should be allocated for garnishment of salary for one, two or three months. Forget about these rules and instead think about what other wedding event expenses await you!

You’ll most likely be comparing prices when shopping, but remember the importance of online reviews and testimonials from past customers. If some jewelers are a little more expensive than others, consider the level of their qualifications, and most importantly – the quality of the jewelry made. This small difference in cost may be compensated for in the long run. And you will have a guarantee that your future ring will be made by highly qualified specialists and will last you a lifetime.

And how much do it cost to order engagement rings with diamonds?

This, of course, depends on the complexity of the ring you order, as well as the size and specifications of the diamond or gemstone you choose. Basically, a custom diamond ring will cost no more than a ready-made ring of the same size, style, and quality, and may even cost less.

Custom diamond ring made from scratch at the best price.

Some jewelers use ready-made production parts. Find your jeweler with impeccable craftsmanship and every piece of your jewelry will be created with your unique design in mind.

кольцо с бриллиантами

A custom diamond engagement ring can be tailored to fit your budget
If you decide to order diamond engagement rings, you can be sure that you will spend exactly as much as you want, and no more. The beauty of custom rings created from scratch means that every detail is made just for you, including the price. Rely on the expertise of our gemologist to find a high-quality diamond or gemstone for your ring. Instead of paying the cost of a diamond that has already been set into the ring without being carefully selected by you or a gemmologist. Very often there can be cracks in the setting and behind the bezels that affect the strength of the gemstone and blemishes that affect the value of the stone. Jewelry stores can artificially raise the price of a diamond engagement ring by exaggerating the quality of the stone. Only after you familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the stone and are able to inspect the diamond yourself, comparing, will you really know where you are investing your money.

Find a design you like and our manager at Best Gold Service will determine your diamond ring budget and provide you with detailed information and alternatives upon request to help you adjust the cost of the ring to fit your budget.

The cost of wedding rings to order from Best Gold Service jewelers

Independent jewelers can avoid the high overhead costs incurred by big name brands and chain stores, such as marketing costs and expensive retail space.
You can trust the high professionalism of our craftsmen, designers, technologists, Best Gold Service works with the best suppliers of precious stones, and the built chain of long-term “relationships” with our suppliers often allows our customers to save on diamonds and other precious stones.
In addition, we offer our customers to use the trade-in program. The client can provide his old jewelry, from which we will make a new one in a new design. In this option, the client pays only the cost of the jeweler’s work. Without excessive additional costs. Provided.

Sentimental value custom diamond ring

You will not only save money on the manufacture of a diamond ring to order, made completely from scratch individually for you, but you will also find out how much experience and skill has been invested in it – a priceless feeling in itself. There is nothing sweeter than knowing that something was created for you and only for you. Individual “creation” of a ring with diamonds to order is a process that deeply immerses you in the manufacturing process and brings great satisfaction. This feeling brings you even closer to your jewelry, which you will look at every day, for the rest of your life.
This is a personal, conscious and truly meaningful decision.

In addition, it turns out that it is much less scary and less expensive than you once thought.

Want to design your own wedding ring?

What could be easier to order engagement rings with diamonds? The process will be very simple for you, contact our managers and tell them what you need. After discussing the design details, our experts will create an estimate and budget for your future diamond ring. During a private consultation, we will discuss your design with you – and in cooperation with our designer, we will present to you the best custom ring solution for your budget.
After approval of the sketch of the engagement ring with diamonds to order, we launch it into production. And within 10-14 days you will get your beauty in its best form.

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