Types of wedding rings “American” or “European”…

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Types of wedding rings “American” or “European” – choose the shape of the wedding ring

Let’s be clear: you will watch the wedding photos several times, the video even less, and the dress will have to be sold because it is unnecessary. But wedding rings are something that serves as a daily status reminder and is always with you every day. That is why it is so important to choose a set of jewelry that will match the style of the newlyweds and, what is important, will be comfortable. In the article, we will tell you about the types of classic engagement rings: American and European.

Compatibility with everyday life

Today, all wedding rings can be divided into classic and decorated, or combined. Smooth rings made of red gold are considered traditional.

Practical brides are increasingly choosing

combined products, and the bride – inlaid with precious stones. You can often find classic engagement rings, in the design of which jewelers try to include new trends: for example, decorate with engraving or a small pattern. It is difficult not to get lost in such a large assortment. And a lot of advice has been written on this topic. But there is one main rule: after wearing a wedding ring on your finger, you should no longer want to part with it. In addition to the appearance, it should have other functions, for example, it should sit comfortably on the finger. Try to avoid complicated shapes that can cause the jewelry to catch on clothes. Remember that you wear wedding clothes only one day, and the ring – every day in marriage.

Form matters. Many newlyweds do not even think about what shape the wedding rings should be, focusing only on the design. Meanwhile, it depends on her how comfortable it will be to wear the jewelry. Today, there are several forms of jewelry on the market. Despite the fashion trends, the American engagement ring http://bgs.kiev.ua/amerikanka stands out from all the others.

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The popularity of these jewelry is largely due to the difference from traditional rings with a semicircular cross section. A wedding ring of this shape has a rectangular cross-section. Despite its name, the product is distantly related to America. These engagement rings began to be in demand even earlier in Europe. “American women” are most often chosen by connoisseurs of minimalism and brevity of forms. The main beauty of ornaments of this form is their simplicity. That is why designers are extremely careful to experiment with this form, bringing a minimum of changes to it. As an alternative, which is in no less demand today, there is a European engagement ring http://bgs.kiev.ua/21bz. This form is especially popular among Europeans, which is why it has caught on among the people.

Similar products are distinguished by a flat profile. At the same time, their outer side has a rounded shape. The comfort fit profile is also gaining more and more popularity. Rings with it have a rounded shape on the outside and inside. This form is suitable for newlyweds who want to purchase powerful products. In order to understand which ring is right for you, it will be useful to experiment and try on options with several types of profiles.

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