A gift for the birth of a child

подарунок на народження дитини золотий браслет

A gift for the birth of a child

The day that gave you a son or daughter is celebrated not only by children, but also by parents. For parents, this memorable date becomes unforgettable and always evokes pleasant impressions. Giving a gift for the birth of a child is not only necessary for the person responsible for the celebrations. And to the one who gave life and endured – to mom and dad. The highest responsibility at the birth of a baby falls on the shoulders of a woman, so she is traditionally congratulated and given symbolic gifts.
Guests can give flowers or other small but pleasant gifts, but the husband should think more seriously! What a gift to give for the birth of a child. Surrounding your wife with warm words and care, you should not forget to congratulate her on the holiday that has become common in your family.

Gold jewelry as a gift that does not lose its value

Jewelry combines the traditions of memory and unchanging memories that are not lost in time. The luster of the precious metal may not be significantly lost, but it will not disappear completely, just like your love for a friend. It is not for nothing that gifts made of gold or silver are given for a memorable event.

Браслет подарок с фигурками Кулон в форме сердца. Подарок на рождение ребенкаGold pendant “Mama” – a product that can be given as a gift both for a certain occasion and without
reason Instead of many words of thanks for a daughter or a son, let the unfading shine of gold speak for you.

Noble metal gives charm to any image, so a woman will not refuse such a delicate gift as a gold pendant. Such a golden decoration will be admired and admired not only by those around, but also by the owner of the “mother” status.

The main difference between a gold pendant and other jewelry

Jewelry is a harmonious addition and disclosure of the image. A pendant to its owner
will give joy and happiness, that is why the product is considered a truly chic gift. Among men, pendants with figurines of children and the main inscription “mom” are very popular – they are chosen as a gift for both new mothers and mothers who have already raised children.

 для молодой мамы

Universal decorations with children or mini figures of hands and feet are ordered for various occasions.

It can be not only the child’s birthday, but also the date of your meeting or anniversary. With such a gift, you can hint that the wife will become a mother for the second time or say without any beautiful words that she does a great job of raising a child.
Relatives who sincerely rejoice at the expansion of the family can also choose a gift for mom for the birth of a child.
A gold pendant or bracelet will be an appropriate joint gift. Stylish decoration

mom’s bracelet took the leading position in sales because it combined beauty associated with aesthetic pleasure, high quality and appropriate design. The specific choice of model depends on
amount and personal preferences. And to order elegant pendants for the right occasion, our online store offers, on the sites of which the buyer will find pleasant prices and amazing products that win hearts.

Favorite heels!

подарунок для мами на народження дитини кільце ніжки немовляти

Another leading position is occupied by a ring with baby’s legs http://bgs.kiev.ua/koltso-nozhka/.

A beautiful symbolic golden gift for the birth of a child for a young mother of a child. The idea is incredibly successful. The ring is absolutely perfectly associated with a newborn baby and the magical moment of his birth. Any mother will always remember when she held her newborn baby in her arms for the first time and kissed her. Every woman was touched by tiny hands and small legs with the most delicate skin on the heels. This moment gives the first real tears of joy at the appearance of such a beloved and such a desired and long-awaited baby.

Gold jewelry with meaning!




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