On which finger do you wear an engagement ring?

On which finger do you wear an engagement ring?

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The custom of engagement is once again in vogue, and the question has become relevant: on which finger do you wear an engagement ring? Such a ring is considered the main attribute of the moment of marriage and actually changes the family status.

The tradition of giving a ring for an engagement came to us from abroad and has been closely practiced since the time of the Soviet Union. The custom was liked by many both from the point of view of romance and from the point of view of fashion. And the wearing of the ring itself is not regulated anywhere, but the tradition emerged by itself.

Engagement ring: nuances of use

If your chosen one gave you an engagement ring (engagement ring) – on which finger should you wear it? By default, it should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand, which is tied to the heart by a special bond. The symbolic meaning of the ring finger is that a vessel passes through it, through the channels of which blood circulates to the heart. But this is not the case everywhere – the tradition is widespread on the territory of Slavic countries and in such countries as India, Norway and Greece, Spain.

On which hand is the engagement ring worn in European countries? Such an ornament is traditionally found on the finger of the weaker hand (on the left), and after a successful engagement, it is removed and kept in a casket as a family heirloom. Therefore, if your chosen one is not of Slavic blood, then this is exactly what you need to do. Accounting for social traditions is an important unspoken sign – the presence of a ring on the finger indicates that a woman is in a relationship.

A ring on a finger is beautiful and stylish, and depending on which finger you wear it, you can judge your family status. An engagement ring is considered a special decoration, which guarantees the chosen one’s serious intentions to marry.

Золоте кільце на замовлення

A sign of agreement – the ring is accepted and put on the finger on which the wedding ring will be in the future.

An engagement ring on a hand looks romantic and symbolic – every unmarried lady dreams of such a cherished surprise. Unlike a wedding ring, an engagement ring can be in different designs, and its fate after marriage is also determined in different ways. A ring given as a gift should be kept and protected no less than a wedding ring – its loss can be a symbol that the marriage will not be long-lasting.

No matter what engagement ring is presented to you, you should accept it with gratitude and put it on your ring finger in return, saying yes by default. From this time, the course of your independent life and separation from your parents begins.

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