Paired wedding rings «Legends of Love»

Item: 102-Бз
For item available:
  • Stone: diamond, sapphire, zircon, Swarovski crystal
  • Gold content: 585˚, 750˚
  • Gold color: white, yellow, red
  • The size: от 10 до 25
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Парные белые обручальные кольцаInformation:

  1. Metal: gold 14 ct
  2. Metal color: natural warm yellow color
  3. Weight: 13.00 g (approximate pair weight)
  4. Profile width: 6.00 mm
  5. Profile thickness: 2.0 mm
  6. Surface: glossy / matte (optional)
  7. Fit: comfortable / standard (optional) 
  8. Inserts in the women’s ring: 0.06 ct.
  9. Inserts in the men’s ring: 0.07 ct.

Парные белые обручальные кольцаPaired wedding rings “Legends of Love”

We are glad to present you a charming pair of white wedding rings – Legends of Love. Both women’s and men’s rings are made in an absolutely identical design. The design of the rings cannot be called classic. This is done with a matte or glossy texture. Rings are made with a choice of diamonds or zircons in black or classic white. I would like to pay special attention not only to the decoration of the bride, as the men’s ring is very interesting and elegant. The simplicity of form, the luxury of white gold and diamonds are combined in one wonderful piece of jewelry.

Variety of choice

Most young people still remain adherents of the classical style and order thin wedding rings without engravings and additional inserts. Other couples turn their attention only to new options and design solutions. Paired white wedding rings 102-Bz are in a special category of wedding jewelry. They simultaneously have classic simplicity, but at the same time they have something modern and new, the design is uniquely catchy.

The presented rings are made only to order, taking into account your preferences and wishes in any color of gold. Not only in white, but also in yellow, lemon – European, red, pink. The site has a similar pair of rings in a combination of two colors of gold. For more details on the catalog of wedding rings made of yellow and red gold you need to read the link.

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