Diamond engagement ring

Item: 10-Пк
For item available:
  • Stone: diamond, sapphire, topaz, ruby, zircon, Swarovski crystal
  • Additional services: Engraving (inscriptions on the rings), making rings from the customer's gold, changes in design according to the customer's sketches, rhodium plating.
  • Gold content: 585° \ 750°
  • Gold color: white, yellow, red
  • The size: от 10 до 25
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Кольцо лента мебиуса на рукеArctic diamond engagement ring

When a couple of young people in love decide to move to a new level of relationship – they announce an engagement. There are rules in the engagement ceremony: the young man must wear a small diamond engagement ring on the finger of his beloved. With the permission and blessing of the parents of the bride-to-be.

A young man faces an important question: “Which diamond engagement ring should I choose?” After all, the gift will be very unexpected for the chosen one. Often young people connect friends, relatives, acquaintances to a young girl. In this case, our article “How to choose a ring for a proposal” will be useful to you http://bgs.kiev.ua/post_news/kakoe-koltso-vybrat-na-pomolvku

In order to find out the size of the finger, it is possible even advantages. You should remember that girls dream and prepare for this day, sometimes from their youth, and your task when choosing jewelry is not to be missed. First of all, it is necessary to calculate the budget. In the West, there is an unspoken rule: a gold ring should be with a diamond and equal in value to two or three of a man’s salary. A gold engagement ring with a diamond is considered a symbol of strong love, the size of the stone does not come first. Because we can beat any stone in our workshop with an incredibly beautiful setting.

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